A Month Of Holidays

Why do you do this to me year after year?

1 May was Workers’ Day in South Africa and it came after what seemed like a month of public holidays. Here is an entrepreneur’s humorous take on this holiday bonanza. It’s guaranteed to make you smile.

This week, I thought I would share a fun letter from one of the thousands of small business owners out there.

Dear April

Why do you do this to me year after year? I like the chocolate bunnies and all, but so many holidays are really not good for my cash flow.

I have so many bills to pay and to make it worse you call this last holiday ‘Workers’ Day’ when in reality it is ‘No Workers’ Day’ or more correctly ‘No Money To Pay Workers’ Day’!

I have been thinking of fighting back, of starting an Entrepreneurs’ Union (EU). Oh, wait, that one has been taken already and they seem to have problems of their own.

Sigh. Can we negotiate, perhaps?

If you can persuade March and May to double up on their magic we could all go on holiday in April and leave the chocolate bunnies to run the world while we are gone.

Kind regards,

Your faithful, hardworking, small business owner

Have a fabulous week!