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Grow Your Leaders, Grow Your Freedom

“If you want to grow a big business, you need a strong strategic leadership team.”

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Grow Your Leaders, Grow Your Freedom

If you want to grow a big business, you need a strong strategic leadership team. Investing in this team will ensure the long-term growth of the business and give you the freedom to pursue other interests.

Do you feel like you are an entrepreneur who works too hard, for too many hours and not enough money? Do you feel stuck in a cycle of feeling unable to recruit people because they are too expensive, or you just can’t find the right skills?

This is a common, worldwide problem in many small businesses, but one that you have to change if you want to build a business with a long-term future, that is fun and financially viable.

Perhaps you are thinking, in a technology-based business people can be replaced by automation software and you can create and run a successful business from home with just your computer, the internet and some outsourced contractors?

Yes, that is true, but even as tech businesses grow they need to recruit others. The tech behemoth Amazon is now the second largest employer in the USA with 1.5 million staff in November 2021 and growing rapidly.

Growth usually happens in stages – first, we recruit staff that replace the easy but time-consuming jobs, perhaps a driver, a shelf-packer, an admin assistant. Next, we add a layer of managers – to manage the books, to manage the stock, to manage the logistics. But it is the third layer that really makes or breaks the long-term growth of the business – and this is the layer of strategic leadership.

Your strategic leadership team will determine how well you have replicated your highest skills in the business – and whether you can actually step aside and leave your skilled, energetic and enthusiastic team to drive your business forward.

Your strategic leaders are those who have as good (or better) entrepreneurial thinking, highest decision-making and growth mindset as you.

If your goal is to build a big business then the earlier you can recruit and train a strong strategic leadership team, the better. My article in Your Business Magazine on “Mastering business growth with your strategic leadership team” goes into more detail on the important components and what to look for.

So, this week no matter what stage of business you are at, remember that when we replicate ourselves by growing the leaders within the business, we grow our personal freedom…. And that means more choices and more fun.

Have a fabulous week ahead!