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Six steps to take your business from good to great

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Six steps to take your business from good to great

The journey from good to great takes more than passion.

There comes a time for many entrepreneurs when we feel tired of muddling along in the middle and we want to take our business to the next level.

But the next level takes more than just passion, it takes planning and focus. It’s also a journey where help of the right kind can make all the difference.

If you are keen to grow, these six tips will help get you started:

  1. Focus your vision. Know what you want (and don’t want). If your vision board is more than 5 years old, re-do it. It’s time to freshen your vision with today’s thinking!
  2. Success is about choosing the right priorities, Review your plan on a page. Make sure your strategic goals and priorities are right for our post-Covid world. Build SMART goals (specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic and time-bound).
  3. People are the backbone of your success. Identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie both in you and your team and create an action plan to fill in the gaps.
  4. Track market trends so you can respond rapidly to changes. Products that you created five years ago will not be viable five years from now. Get ready for this. Use client surveys, market trend reports and future forecasting articles to stay aware.
  5. Use data insights and factual feedback to adjust and refine your strategy. Resist making decisions on gut-feel alone.
  6. Get help. It takes more than just passion to go from good to great. It takes skill and courage – so reach out for help from a mentor, an experienced business leader or reputable business acceleration programme.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to own your personal definition of ‘’great’’. This may be a business that inspires you and earns enough profit to sustain a family or it could be a goal to become a force of change in the entire world.

The more comfortable you are with your own definition, the more pleasure and success you will have in fulfilling your dream.

Have a fabulous week, and as always, know that you are loved.