CWG May 17

The Secret of Living is Giving

“The secret of living is giving.” Tony Robbins

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The Secret of Living is Giving

I love this quote by Tony Robbins, best known for his iconic book Money: master the game because it’s the last thing I expect to hear from the author of a big, solid book about financial freedom! It reminds us that a healthy relationship with money takes us beyond fear to abundance.

Money mastery puts us in touch with how we feel about money. Does it grab you by the heart and pull you close or does it push you away? Many people are afraid of even talking about it and yet some are obsessed with it, counting it, hoarding it and measuring their very life by it.

No matter where you fit on that spectrum, it is important to learn to feel comfortable with money because unless we master our relationship with it, it will control us, instead of us controlling our money.

The way to start is to commit to small steps, perhaps reading some personal financial guidance, taking a business finance short course or picking up a book that improves your understanding of money.

Two books that I found fascinating are the Soul of Money by Lynne Twist, who researched how our belief in abundance changed as we moved from traditional sharing cultures (Ubuntu) to modern selfish capitalism and the Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel who touches on wealth, greed and happiness.

This week, I am making a commitment to master my finances and give more, perhaps you will join me with a commitment of your own?

Wishing you a powerful week in which you build a stronger, balanced relationship with your money.