Pause, Breathe, Recalibrate

“Take stock and set yourself up to relax over the holidays.”

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Pause, Breathe, Recalibrate

In this crazy busy time of year, it’s hard to fit everything into the daily diary and the thought of ‘taking a moment’ to begin casting one’s eye forward into the new year feels almost impossible. 

Yet now is exactly the time for taking stock of the year that has passed and reflecting where you succeeded, what you would like to do more of, and where things disappointed or even failed. And where you want to do less of that! 

Our review dates are set for the week of 12th December – so that we finish the year with a clear idea of where our focus will be in January – and our brains can relax over the holidays knowing we have it covered when we return.  

Can you manage to squeeze in a planning date – or is yours already done and dusted? 

Have a great week, and if you can, remember to take a breather along the way.