Catherine Wijnberg post paragliding

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Am I Bossy Or Strong?

We often regard strength, taking charge and decisiveness as the traits of a good leader. Ideally, though, strength needs to be balanced with other elements of leadership: empathy, vulnerability and empowerment. “Success is a goal that can only be reached if you are prepared to...

Old but gold


Refuse To Be Average

Let’s refuse to be average as we keep searching, trying and testing new ways to do things, better ways to combine things, and more effective ways to delight our customers so we can build long-term business success. “Entrepreneurs are...

A Month Of Holidays

1 May was Workers’ Day in South Africa and it came after what seemed like a month of public holidays. Here is an entrepreneur’s humorous take on this holiday bonanza. It’s guaranteed to make you smile. This week, I...
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