Catherine Wijnberg post paragliding

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Order must replace chaos

0:00 / 0:00 Order must replace chaos “For a small business to grow, order must replace chaos.” I am best known as an entrepreneur and small business specialist. It is the way I think and act. This makes me a great champion for the cause and...
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Am I Bossy Or Strong?

We often regard strength, taking charge and decisiveness as the traits of a good leader. Ideally, though, strength needs to be balanced with other elements of leadership: empathy, vulnerability and empowerment. “Success is a goal that can only be reached if you are prepared to...
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Leaders Need Support Too

As entrepreneurs and leaders our job is to be tough, but we also need support at times.  One of the skills of personal mastery is to recognise when to reach out for help. Reaching out is a strength, not a weakness. Here are three basic...