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Delegation Is A Matter Of Trust

0:00 / 0:00 The 4R Method for Building Powerful Teams Delegation is a snake that constantly raises its head; junior staff complaining “no one delegates things to me” and senior staff complaining there “is no one decent” to delegate to. Delegation is a matter of...

3 Steps to Build Trust

0:00 / 0:00 The 4R Method for Building Powerful Teams Let’s think about truthfulness, accountability and the right steps to ensure we foster long-term relationships and build trust with those who are most important to us. “The right action can repair the broken trust that...

Your Most Powerful Secret Weapon

One of our most valuable tools is intuition. That sixth sense of knowing. The feeling in your gut that something is either right or wrong. It’s what I call my most powerful ‘secret weapon’! “Intuition helps us to make wise decisions even when tangible evidence...

Gratitude Is An Attitude

Every country has its challenges. Every individual too. But if we can create a simple attitude of gratitude and each night develop the practice of writing down three things we are grateful for, our lives will be transformed. “If we can create a simple attitude...