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Done is better than perfect

“The ability to keep moving when times are tough makes the difference between success and stagnation.”

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Done is better than perfect

We all know Nike’s “just do it” marketing tagline which is after all the rallying cry of most entrepreneurs, but when times are tough and we are under pressure, it’s easy to become paralysed with anxiety or stuck in a loop of perfectionism and fearful of making the wrong move.

If you struggle with this, it’s useful to remember the advice that “Done is better than perfect”. In this day of fast moving ideas, it’s also common to launch products and services in their ‘beta’ phase and work with the client base to refine and perfect after launch. Similarly, the ‘raw authenticity’ of a handheld video that shares a vital, vibrant message is often more effective than a perfectly shot and edited video that gets to the market too late or is lacking in heart.

This we probably already know, but something new that arrived in my inbox last week was advice from Jocko Willnick (ex US navy SEAL) whose battlefield experience is that ‘if you are stuck in the wilderness and no one is coming to rescue you, just start walking. If you stay stuck, you will starve to death so just do something. You can always walk in another direction if you made the wrong choice.

So this week, let’s keep moving towards our vision by giving a thumbs up to done is better than perfect, and just start walking as motivation to keep pushing through to achieve success.

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead.