Catherine Wijnberg post paragliding

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Get a grip on resignations

Get a grip on resignations “It’s always tough when people leave, but as leaders we must manage the practical and emotional cost.” Businesses everywhere are facing what is being called the “Great Resignation” – the global phenomenon whereby staff are resigning in alarmingly high numbers.  In the...
Sing your song

Start To Sing Your Song

Start To Sing Your Song “The most successful leaders silence their inner critic and are confident to sing their unique song.” 0:00 / 0:00 Start To Sing Your Song Epic business leaders spend 80% of their time building their own strategy and 20% of the...

Become An Authentic Leader

Become An Authentic Leader “Leadership is more than a single event; it’s a lifetime journey in which we also have to navigate our own personal ups and downs” 0:00 / 0:00 Leading when the leader feels down A recent question from an entrepreneur “how can...