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Do more of what you love

“The first step to the happiness you deserve is to do the things you love” 

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Do more of what you love
Swinging Christmas

Chatting to a high-powered professional friend last night I was reminded that all of us have parts of our lives and our business that we dislike. Unless we identify and isolate these, they can bring a negative energy that leaves us feeling as though our entire life is a misery. 

I experienced this myself for a period some years ago when I became very despondent and was even tempted to close down the business and seek a new life. Fortunately, a reflection session with my mentor helped me recognise what had changed as the business had grown and how this change was causing such unhappiness. 

I realised that the solution didn’t require radical action at all. I simply needed to reintroduce more of what I enjoyed into my daily routine. In my case my enjoyment is creativity. At work I’m inspired by the creativity of developing new products, of innovating and improving our services. In my personal life it is art – painting, pottery, drawing and writing. 

What had happened over time was that the business had grown away from the inspiring start-up phase of entrepreneurial activity into a daily overload of business management. This is very common and not all entrepreneurs want to make that transition, some preferring to start and release businesses early for that very reason. 

For me though, growth is a passion and fortunately, I recognised that the solution was to re-introduce more of what I love by setting aside more time for creativity. It required a minor adjustment of 5%, not a flushing of the whole 100%! 

So, this week is a reminder for us all that we deserve to do more of what we L.O.V.E. 

Love ourselves enough to recognise what we need and deserve more of. 

Organise our life so that we make space and time for this. 

Value the talents of others so we can delegate functions that sink our energy and energise theirs. 

Evaluate the whole of our life to appreciate its balance of both highs and lows. 

That’s it for this week. Let’s take time to reflect on what we want more of, and how to do more of what we love. You deserve it! 

Have a fabulous week ahead!