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The power of practice 

 Insight is the energy for change. Practice is the muscle to make it happen. Repetition is the tool for it to stick.  

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The power of practice

Todays’ insight is a reminder that to make positive change happen in our lives we require three things.

Firstly, we need insight into our need and desire for change. We have to recognise that we want to change. This could be sparked by an inspiring book, a health scare which awakens us to the need for exercise and an improved diet, or the loss of a job that awakens us to the need to create new opportunities. Or it could be the desire to learn a new language, a sport or skill. 

Secondly, we need to be willing to get uncomfortable and step out of the comfort zone of what we know into the uncertainty of a new future. This requires commitment to change, and a decision to stick with the process. In business, this would be the setting of SMART goals by a specific date.  

Thirdly, we need consistent small steps and repeated practice in order to embed the new habit. The repetition changes our ‘norm’ from the old way to the new way, so the habit is part of our new life without having to think about it.  

Creating new habits or releasing old ones can take up to 120 days. This is why so many good intentions, get rich quick schemes, and crash diets fail. 

So, if you have awakened to a need for change, settle down for a moment to write down the details of the new world you are seeking, and confirm your intention by committing to a daily practice that embeds it in your life. The power is in the practice. 

Remember that insight is the energy for change. Practice is the muscle to make it happen. Repetition is the way for it to stick. 

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!