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The rule that everyone forgets

“Focus on the vision that makes you the exception.”

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The rule that everyone forgets

There are dozens of rules for business. A quick search will uncover everything from never run out of cash, to hire the right people, and put your customer first to focus your marketing message. 

But there is one rule that everyone forgets, which is that first, you need to go back to the vision. When anxious, for example about the outcomes of the election and its impact on you and your business… rule number one applies.

Before you sit down to tackle your cash flow problem or place that job advert before you jump in to manage your customer relations or write your marketing message, rule number one applies. It’s the one rule everyone forgets when they feel overwhelmed – either by a massive opportunity or by a disaster, when deep in a crisis and waking at night with excitement! 

The answer is not to focus on the technicality of the problem.  

The answer is to first take a moment to revisit the vision statement. Immerse yourself in the big picture goals and intentions and recharge our energy, reinspire our actions and focus the direction. With too much on our mind, we can get off track and lose sight of where we are going or why. In times of stress, we can get lost in the heavy seas of challenge and struggle. 

Confusion in the form of insecurity, depression or lack of confidence is an invitation to revisit the vision. It’s an invitation to remind ourselves where we are going and why. This week is a reminder for us all of the rule everyone forgets. It’s a reminder that everything gets better when you remember to polish the vision. 

Have a fantastic, focused week!