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The simple guide to selling

Selling is finding people who are waiting for us to ‘make their day.”

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The simple guide to selling

Does sales make your heart sink, or swim? I’ve been exploring some simple solutions for getting into the selling groove.

Sales isn’t everyone’s favourite activity. Some people love it, but it’s not like that for everyone. Personally, I don’t count myself as a natural seller. I’m more of a thinker and a back-room researcher by nature, but without sales there can be no progress and so it needs to be embraced! 

The question is, if you aren’t a natural seller, how can you change gears and embrace the selling energy?  

I have developed a personal acronym SALE to keep myself on track: 

S : Selling is living.  The reality is that in life we are always selling. Asking a friend for a drink is selling an experience. Proposing to your girlfriend is selling a life together, recruiting a staff member is selling a work opportunity. Remind yourself that selling is a natural part of life and run through a list of all the successful sales you have made in your life! 

A : Appreciate. Selling is about matching your idea, product or service to someone who would genuinely appreciate what you have on offer.  It’s a chance to provide a solution to people who consciously or unconsciously are searching for what you have. You are the master problem solver! 

L : Lighten up. Your energy affects how people feel when they interact with you. So, lighten up your energy. Desperation is a real turn-off for any buyer. So,  avoid becoming fixated, desperate and anxious about ‘the one sale’ by creating a longer list of possible people to sell to. Spend time dreaming of the delight that your product or service will bring to your customer. Imagine how you can improve their day/life/business.  

E : Easy. Make life easy for yourself by having your sales materials, brochures, pricelist and Ts&Cs prepared. Practice your sales techniques so that you feel comfortable and confident. Make the buying process easy and delightful for your clients and customers. Think professional e-commerce site, inviting shop and easy to use, simple payment processes. 

So, this week as we reach towards the middle of the year, keep the SALE method in mind. Let’s look up, look out and go looking for those wonderful people who are secretly waiting for us to come along and ‘make their day’. 

Have a great week!