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What a great time to be young!

A special edition in celebration of Youth Day.

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What a great time to be young!

In the spirit of Youth Day, Catherine Wijnberg has graciously decided to give me, a young, black woman the chance to connect with her readers today. The only title that seemed fitting is the one you see above. The nice thing about the word “young” is that you can put it in front of any word, and it can make it true: young adult, young retiree, and these days, even young elderly. But for the context of Youth Day specifically, let’s focus on the general meaning.  

While there are many reasons it can be discouraging to be young, today I want to focus on all the reasons it is fantastic. The very premise of Youth Day in South Africa is that a group of young people decided one day, to bravely go against the grain! As a result of their courage, we are so blessed to have the opportunity to think and act independently. The abundance of opportunities offers us the freedom to live lives that are meaningful to us.  

Let the word ‘youth’ be a reminder that we have ample time to fail and try again. That challenges such as unemployment and social inequalities are opportunities to showcase our resilience and creativity to help us overcome them. Reflecting on Catherine’s personal experience, she’s shared that there were some years where she felt despondency towards her own business – a testament that things can’t always be okay. What’s important is that we identify our passions and pursue them, whatever it may take.  

We live in a world where we can (mostly!) do what we want, and when we don’t know what we want, we can just ask AI! What a great time to be young! So, start that business, write that book, move to the other side of the world – just do it because you can, and most importantly because you want to.  

We have the power to shape a future where despite the challenges we face, we embrace opportunities and demonstrate commitment. It’s so amazing what an attitude shift of an entire generation can do for the next generation, I sincerely hope to be a part of it. Insider’s tip, our upcoming webinar- Build A Business That Thrives reinforces the idea of a prosperous future! Join us and unlock lasting success. 

Thank you for having me, have a wonderful week ahead!