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You can’t scare me

Leaders make more mistakes than followers, because they are willing to make more big, scary decisions.” 

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You can't scare me

I was chatting this week to one of my daughters who is about to make some big life changes. We reminded each other that ‘if the dream isn’t scary, it isn’t big enough’. 

Which led me to think about all the big scary decisions that successful people make on their way through life. The first time that famous actress went on stage. The first time the gymnastics hero tried a new radical move. The first time a citizen entered their new political party into the elections – and invited their popularity to be tested publicly. Or the first time someone with fear of public speaking walked onto stage to speak to thousands. 

Just think about all the decisions you made to get where you are today. The decision to leave school, go to school, apply for university, not apply for university, apply for that big job, resign from that big job. Start a business, approach a new client, recruit your first staff, fire your first staff… 

Your willingness to face the scary decisions in life is what has got you where you are today.  

Imagine what your life would be if you had NOT made those choices, but stayed in the safe zone? Where would you be if you never disappointed loved ones, or never tried something new.  

Leadership means being willing to go against the tide. It takes courage. Leadership is about the willingness to take action.  

So, on this the first day of the month give yourself a pat on the back for being courageous and saying YES to scary decisions. And remember, successful leaders are willing to make more mistakes than their followers, because they have the courage to make those big, scary decisions. 

Have a great week ahead!