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Intelligence and agility

“The cornerstone of success hinges on recruiting minds for their agility as well as their brilliance.”

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Intelligence and agility

I just finished listening to an interesting podcast on Simon Sinek’s channel in which he interviews Silicon Valley legend Jackie Reses. She has achieved great things and is worth googling! 

The snippet that resonated for me was when she spoke about recruitment and how selecting the right people was a driver of her immense success. Jackie chooses people for their intelligence and agile mindset – those who have the ability to understand the underlying challenges of the task and a desire to reach up and solve them. 

As leaders one of our tasks is to create a team that helps us to grow, and in our fast moving quickly changing world, cultivating an agile mindset becomes vital. 

It’s not enough just to find the people though, harnessing this talent also requires a framework – in the same way that a house is built from architect’s plans, by people with many individual talents. The architect plans are the vision and purpose to show the team what you are building and why, and individual job descriptions provide guidelines for their role in the endeavour.  

So the thought for this week is if you want to grow fast, be sure to select for the traits of intelligence and problem solving. And then create an environment where these talents can flourish.

Wishing you a week of cultivation and success!