No quote 18 Nov 2023

Pick Africa first!

If its not home grown, its not coming to my home.

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Pick Africa first!

As we rush to the shops for those last-minute gifts and search for treats to serve up at our festive tables, lets remind ourselves that a healthy, happy country is one with a thriving community of small business*. And each one of us can help to create it! 

*There are two good reasons for this. When we buy local we put money into our local economy and each time this money passes hands from one business to another it is a chance for the money to benefit an entrepreneur, a family, and ultimately a community. The second reason is that by buying local we reduce the environmental impact of the trucks and planes and trains needed to get the goods from China, or Germany to us. 

In this way we can all make positive change happen, simply by buying local products from small businesses. Local markets, local festivals, farm stores and artisan shops for starters. And if that isn’t always possible, check the label when you shop and pick the one with our flag. Pick South Africa first! 

And if that isn’t possible, pick our African neighbours. 

This year lets live the truth of family first and join me with my personal mantra – If it’s not home grown, it’s not coming to my home. 

Wishing you a blessed, safe and love-filled Christmas break.