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How to find the perfect gift

“The perfect gift is the rich appreciation for what you already have.”

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How to find the perfect gift

I just came across a note in one of my journals that made me smile which said, “Happiness is the art of appreciating what you already have”. 

Now there is a Christmas gift that costs you nothing but is worth a million dollars! It brings to mind the epic survival story of the Uruguayan Rugby team whose plane crashed when crossing the Andes Mountains in bad weather. One would expect that the extreme physical and emotional struggles and loss they endured would leave scars of regret and discontent, yet the opposite is true for Nando Parado one of the young survivors. This herculean struggle left him acutely appreciative of the simple things in life, along with the memory of savouring one chocolate peanut for three days. One tiny chocolate peanut.

Yet we don’t have to lose anything or be in a plane crash to feel this kind of appreciation – it’s available to us every day if we simply pause to reflect.

In fact, right now is a great time to stop and look around at what you have and ask yourself the simple question “How lucky am I to have…?” And see just how rich with happiness your world already is.

On my side, how lucky I am to have my job, my business, my wonderful team of people, my home, my garden, my animals, my children, my hands, my eyes, my ears and a hot shower in the morning, just for starters!

With this perfect gift of what we already have in mind, here’s wishing you a fabulous week ahead.